Rabbit Flats Disc Golf Course is our warren.

Definition of  "WARREN" - a series of connected tunnels occupied by rabbits.
OUR Definition  - a series of connected fairways occupied by disc golfers.

Rabbit Flats is a family friendly course located at Thousand Oaks Community Park. 

2525 N. Moorpark Rd Thousand Oaks CA

Do Not Park on Drayton Ave!!!!!

In an unrelated item there is a white 175 Destroyer laying somewhere out there.
The practice throws for the future course are hazardous to say the least but dang it is fun. 
"Mike and the Bushwackers" have been out testing the air and landing zones for the course. 



Was a Huge Success
The Club did a great job!

Video of 2011 Pro/AM

Click Here

Ace Run Video Click Here


Video of Windy playoff

Be sure to watch it big screen so you can see Erich's near skip black ace.

Ever wonder what an Ace Looks like at Rabbit Flats?
Click on the Card

Ryan Brekke slow motion ace hole

5 at Rabbit Flats!
Plus a couple of close calls!


Notes on the 2011 Worlds
Our own Mike B. finished the worlds in the $$ in 33rd place out of 104 players. Way to go Mike!!!!!!

Mike in action at Pinto lake finishing
the first grueling round on 18.

Watch Replays

PDGA WORLDS this week.
I left the worlds early but What a great time!
Tom Schott and those NorCal folks do it right.

- I watched a 75 year old legend player throw a drive that would make any of us proud.

-Jay “Yeti” Reading bombed a second throw on hole 27 on a line out of the trees no one else saw to finish on a birdie then gave me a high five.

- I gave Valerie Jenkins, Women’s World Champ a lollipop.

- I talked to players from New Zealand, Korea, Aust

ralia Germany and Switzerland.

-Busted out a Disc Golf Game in camp with about 12 kids and their parents.

- But my favorite part of the day was playing safari golf on the course with Lucas and Esteban at the end of the day. Two middlle school kids that live in the mobile home park next to the course. They volunteered on hole three, none of their friends play, they "found" their discs on the course, we hucked plastic for an hour. I gave them a couple of lighter weight discs :) :). Good day.


BFace Book Page

Does it work for you?
July 2nd 2011
Mike Byrne - 45
Matt Paul - 46
Randy Saab - 47
Jerry Goff - 48
Gary Sandoval - 53
Seth Davio - 55
Jon Wesel - 57
Drew Brooks - 58

Chuck Borquez - 49
Danny Behl - 49
Adam Kopp - 50
Erich Schaffer - 50
Bob Menz - 53
Mark Southerland - 55
Trevor Wennberg - 56
Mike Ulawski - 57
Matt Anderson - 57
Tim Boissey - 58
Steve Stratton - 59
Michael Moritz -59
Dan Wiseman - 60
Chris Keating - 61

Ryan Brekke - 51
Bill Ashe - 54
Terry Taylor - 55
Joe Garcia - 56
Matt Dimock - 56
Kyle Gross - 58
Scott Macalroy - 59
Wes Whitmire - 61
Matt Kouba - 63
Jeff Whitt - 64

Only a few left.


Happy Winter!

More pictures of Dave and the SeaBees at
Broken Spoke Disc Golf Course Afghanistan



David Combs in Afghanistan

This is the Basket Dave and his buddies built out there in the desert.  I will be asking Dave for a course map ect. so I can post it on DGCR!

Dave found a mini basket in storage and is building a couple full size targets. Photos have been promised. And yes he is holding an M-16 in his other hand. 

What is the
Conejo Disc Golf Club?

A highly motivated herd of golfers that abuse plastic in ways you can't imagine.  Join the warren!

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