Maps, phone numbers and email addresses

To join the club contact Mike at

Membership is free, valued beyond the trinket you receive for joining and will forever in-debt you to future work parties on the course.  Join the warren!

For no particular reason this email is also listed:


The course is located in the center of the Conejo Valley in the beautiful Thousand Oaks Community Park. Exit the 101 at Moorpark Road and travel north one signal north of Avenida De Las Flores and make a left into the park. From the 23 freeway exit at Avenida De Las Arboles and head west to Moorpark Road make a left to the next signal and make a right into the park.

Remember DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE STREETS! You may park in the school parking lot on the weekends.

Thousand Oaks Community Park 2525 N Moorpark Rd