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    Laugh at it.

    Chuck Norris and Disc Golf
    - Chuck Norris has never missed a putt...because he's never had to make one.
    - Chuck Norris can throw a disc over 1000 feet,...up hill,....left handed,.... with a mini
    - Chuck Norris has 1 ace.  On every hole he has ever played
    - Contrary to popular belief Chuck Norris is not a good putter. Why? Because he aces everything.
    - Chuck Norris invented disc golf when he roundhouse kicked a golf ball and it turned into a golf disc.
    -  If anyone was ever brave enough to look in Chuck Norris's Disc Golf bag they would find; a pringles lid, a hubcap, and a NYC sewer lid.
    -  All discs are understable to Chuck Norris.
    Chuck Norris doesn't have a player rating because they don't make numbers that big.